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Fund NameShare ClassCurrencyNAVDaily ChangeDaily Change(%)*7-Day Annualised Yield#Daily Return per 10,000 Base Currency※Dealing Date
Bosera USD Money Market ETF (Unlisted Class) Class A USDUSD10.4915+0.0046+0.04%+7.96%1.460017/06/2024
Class I USDUSD10.5118+0.0047+0.04%+8.05%1.490017/06/2024
Class S USDUSD10.5153+0.0048+0.05%+8.21%1.520017/06/2024
Bosera HKD Money Market ETF (Unlisted Class) Class A HKDHKD10.5796+0.0037+0.03%+6.20%1.170017/06/2024
Class C HKDHKD10.5031+0.0035+0.03%+5.93%1.110017/06/2024
Class N HKDHKD10.3584+0.0032+0.03%+5.54%1.030017/06/2024
Class I HKDHKD10.5870+0.0037+0.03%+6.30%1.170017/06/2024
Class S HKDHKD10.6011+0.0038+0.04%+6.45%1.200017/06/2024
Bosera RMB Money Market ETF (Unlisted Class) Class A RMBRMB10.4017+0.0022+0.02%+3.57%0.710017/06/2024
Class C RMBRMB10.3681+0.0020+0.02%+3.27%0.640017/06/2024
Class I RMBRMB10.4100+0.0022+0.02%+3.62%0.700017/06/2024
Class N RMBRMB10.0939+0.0018+0.02%+2.94%0.590017/06/2024
Class S RMBRMB10.4267+0.0023+0.02%+3.82%0.740017/06/2024
Bosera USD Money Market Fund Class A USDUSD11.0115+0.0017+0.02%+5.60%1.540018/06/2024
Class C USDUSD10.9676+0.0016+0.01%+5.37%1.460018/06/2024
Class N USDUSD10.4942+0.0015+0.01%+5.15%1.430018/06/2024
Class I USDUSD11.0225+0.0017+0.02%+5.64%1.540018/06/2024
Class S USDUSD11.0446+0.0017+0.02%+5.73%1.540018/06/2024
Fund NameShare ClassCurrencyNAV
Bosera USD Money Market ETF (Unlisted Class) Class A USDUSD10.4915
Class I USDUSD10.5118
Class S USDUSD10.5153
Bosera HKD Money Market ETF (Unlisted Class) Class A HKDHKD10.5796
Class C HKDHKD10.5031
Class N HKDHKD10.3584
Class I HKDHKD10.5870
Class S HKDHKD10.6011
Bosera RMB Money Market ETF (Unlisted Class) Class A RMBRMB10.4017
Class C RMBRMB10.3681
Class I RMBRMB10.4100
Class N RMBRMB10.0939
Class S RMBRMB10.4267
Bosera USD Money Market Fund Class A USDUSD11.0115
Class C USDUSD10.9676
Class N USDUSD10.4942
Class I USDUSD11.0225
Class S USDUSD11.0446
* It indicates the change compared with the previous trading day
# The 7-day annualised yield is based on a 7-day period of the fund’s past performance and does not represent an actual one-year return. The assumptions involved in the calculation of the annualized return are hypothetical.
※ Daily Return per $10,000= 10,000 Base Currency * [(Dealing Date's NAV - Last Dealing Date's NAV) / Last Dealing Date's NAV]/Actual Calendar Day

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